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Tooth loss is a common modern phenomenon
Replacement can be done through a bridge or implant
Bridge Graphic
prevantative_icon Healthy neighboring teeth need to be grinded down
The grinded down teeth are thus damaged. The bridge tooth are supported by the neighboring grinded down teeth. The tooth replacement is not directly attached to the jawbone. It rests on the gums.
prevantative_icon Chewing pressure is transferred to the adjacent teeth
In the absence of chewing pressure to the bridge tooth’s jawbone, the jawbone atrophies. This also has an effect on the gums--they reduce as well.
Implant Graphic
prevantative_icon An artificial tooth root is placed into your jaw
Anchoring an implant in the jaw bone stimulates jaw tissue and gums ensuring a long lasting, healthy result. An implant is a long term investment in health and quality of life with regard to function and aesthetics.
prevantative_icon Implant feels and functions like your natural tooth root
Through implant, chances of bone and gum tissue receding are minimized due to implant restoring the natural chewing function
4 Steps to an Implant
Implant Step 1Implant Step 2Implant Step 3Implant Step 4
Implant Before After

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Word from Your Award Winning Doctor

Your Doctor Dr. Goyal

My philosophy as a practitioner has been to meet the patient's mind before I meet the patient's mouth.

Signature Dr. Goyal
Hey everyone—

I am a God-fearing man so please don't mistake what I am about to say for hubris.

When coming up with our dental office's name, the non-negotiable for me was having the word 'family' in it for two reasons:
  1. Well because we are a family dental office that treats everyone from toddlers to grandparents. We also do most of our treatment in-house. More on this later.

  2. We really are one big happy family. You will feel our enthusiasm and pride for the work we do the moment you walk in.

A little about me:
  • I went to Nova Southeastern University in Miami

  • Worked for a cosmetic dentist where I dealt with some of the toughest cases and really honed my skills as a dentist

  • Simultaneously worked for the previous owner of Crystal Cove Family Dental — the Dr. Tor and his amazing wife Mary.

  • Was offered partnership at the aforementioned cosmetic dental office

  • Instead, decided to take over the helm for the semi-retired Dr. Tor

  • Brought all the people I enjoyed working with over to this office

  • We are growing beyond our imagination thanks to word of mouth from our patients

Our goal is to make you satisfied. This means you should be allowed to ask questions and advocate for yourself. We will explain everything from your cost to the procedure.

I hope you enjoy Crystal Cove Family Dental. Give us a try.

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  • We promise to value what our patients value: health, vitality, beauty
  • We promise to provide craftmanship and stand by our work
  • We promise to educate our patients about their oral health
  • We commit to staying current with the latest education, innovations, and potential in the dental industry