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Teeth Whitening

Get a whiter, brighter smile.
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Teeth whitening treatment is a safe and non-invasive way to boost confidence in your smile, lightening teeth and helping to remove stains and discoloration.

Whitening treatments can transform the appearance of the teeth in a matter of hours and give you a glossy, healthy looking smile.

Crystal Cove Family Dental is Orland Park, IL's highest rated teeth whitening office specializing in sensitive teeth.

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Teeth Whitening – The Facts

Two Steps to Teeth Whitening

  1. Find out if you are a candidate
  2. You are a candidate if these don't apply to you: Cavities, Cracked Enamel, Pregnant/Nursing, Chemo/Radiation, Under 14, Photosensitive Drugs, Melanoma, Cervical Abrasion, Dentinogensis Imperfecta, and Amelogenesis Imperfecta. Phew! Give us a call or fill out the book appointment form below and we will let you know if you qualify!

  3. How much time & money do you want to spend?
  4. These two factors will help determine which of the 3 teeth whitening treatments are best for you. The less expensive the treatment, the longer it takes to whiten your teeth.

    Whitening PenWhitening Pen
    Custom Trays for Teeth WhiteningCustom Trays
    In-House Dental Whitening ProcedureIn-House

What Our Patients Usually Ask

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  • Teeth whitening is one of the safest, non-invasive procedures in dentistry as long as it is be carried out by a registered and trained dental professional.

  • Broadly speaking, there are 3 kinds of teeth whitening. There is teeth whitening pen/strips, teeth whitening custom trays, and in-office teeth whitening. In-office whitening has a surgical and custom tray component to it.

  • Whitening Pen/Strips are the least expensive but take the longest time (6 months) and may not deliver the best result possible.

    Custom made whitening trays fit your teeth like a like a glove. You would wear them everyday for an hour everyday for 4-6 weeks.

    In-house treatment is where your dentist would apply a higher concentration of whitening gel onto your teeth for atleast 1 hour to helps boost and enhance the effects of the home whitening. This protocol of whitening will allow your teeth to become whiter at a faster rate and may also give you a slighter whiter result overall. The in-house treatment also includes the custom tray whitening protocol described above that you can take home to prolong the whitening effect for years.

  • All three options contain a chemical called peroxide in different concentrations. The concentration of peroxide will determine the price and speed of the treatment.

  • This depends on many factors such as which method you choose, your diet, and the porosity of your enamel. We will be able to give you an answer before the treatment.

  • This will depend on your diet and which method of whitening you choose and how consistently you "top-up." Top-up refers to applying the at home teeth whitening via custom tray or pen/stripe. We have seen the whitening effect last for years for some patients that top-up regularly.


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