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Pricing plans for everyone.

Whether you have insurance or not, we have plans to make it easy for everyone to get dental care!

No Insurance

Take advantage of our $99 special that will include an exam and any x-rays we have to take to diagnose any problem.


  • Exam Included
  • X-Rays Included
  • Consultation Included
  • Virtual consult if you pre-pay
  • 4 Payment plan options for all credit scores
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Our Membership Plan

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Join Our Membership Program and Unlock Savings of up to $974!


  • All Exams
  • All Necessary X-Rays
  • All Regular Cleanings
  • All Perio Maintenance Cleanings
  • 15% Off All Procedures (exclusions may apply)
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PPO Insurance

We accept all PPO Insurances. Pricing will depend on what your PPO insurance covers but exams and x-rays will most likely be free!

Plan Dependent

  • We will verify your insurance the same day
  • You will know what you are paying before we do any treatment
  • We have two insurance experts on-site to explain everything insurance
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Serving the community for over 40 years. Trusted by over 8,000 patients.


Word from Your Award Winning Doctor

Your Doctor Dr. Goyal

My philosophy as a practitioner has been to meet the patient's mind before I meet the patient's mouth.

Signature Dr. Goyal
Hey everyone—

I am a God-fearing man so please don't mistake what I am about to say for hubris.

When coming up with our dental office's name, the non-negotiable for me was having the word 'family' in it for two reasons:
  1. Well because we are a family dental office that treats everyone from toddlers to grandparents. We also do most of our treatment in-house. More on this later.

  2. We really are one big happy family. You will feel our enthusiasm and pride for the work we do the moment you walk in.

A little about me:
  • I went to Nova Southeastern University in Miami

  • Worked for a cosmetic dentist where I dealt with some of the toughest cases and really honed my skills as a dentist

  • Simultaneously worked for the previous owner of Crystal Cove Family Dental — the Dr. Tor and his amazing wife Mary.

  • Was offered partnership at the aforementioned cosmetic dental office

  • Instead, decided to take over the helm for the semi-retired Dr. Tor

  • Brought all the people I enjoyed working with over to this office

  • We are growing beyond our imagination thanks to word of mouth from our patients

Our goal is to make you satisfied. This means you should be allowed to ask questions and advocate for yourself. We will explain everything from your cost to the procedure.

I hope you enjoy Crystal Cove Family Dental. Give us a try.

Why Crystal Cove Family Dental?

We not only fix and repair, but also work with our patients to heal and prevent.

Oral Health Volunteer

Our wonderful dental hygienist Christi and her son Frankie are pictured for a workshop at Southwest Chicago Christian School teaching 2nd graders about the importance of oral hygiene.

prevantative_icon Optimal Diet
The modern diet is high in sugar & low in fermented foods. This causes a severe imbalance in the oral microbiome, causing bad bacteria to run rampant and the good bacteria unable to put up a fight.
prevantative_icon Proper Breathing
Mouth breathing has become a silent epidemic. Nasal breathing keeps your mouth moist & protected allowing the saliva to nourish the teeth. Mouth breathing in kids will also severely impact development.
prevantative_icon Correct Tongue Posture
The correct tongue posture is to have your tongue rest on the roof of your mouth. This may seem very difficult at first but it can be trained to feel natural. This will allow more oxygen to travel to your brain and even fix your facial structure.
prevantative_icon Using Quality Products
Many mainstream dental products scrape away healthy enamel, and sterilize the delicate microbiome which lower the innate defenses.
prevantative_icon Consistent Hygiene Routine
Brushing and flossing properly is key. We will teach how to brush and floss properly.
prevantative_icon Vitamin Sufficiency
There are several vitamins and minerals that are important for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. These include calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D, vitamin C, and vitamin A.

Our Pledge

  • We promise to value what our patients value: health, vitality, beauty
  • We promise to provide craftmanship and stand by our work
  • We promise to educate our patients about their oral health
  • We commit to staying current with the latest education, innovations, and potential in the dental industry

Why kids should visit the dentist


Regular dental check-ups can help prevent dental problems

This is because the dentist can detect and treat problems early on, before they become more serious. This can lead to saving thousands of dollars later on in life. The importance of teeth, often, only becomes apparent when in pain.


Help kids develop good oral hygiene habits

Visiting the dentist can help kids develop good oral hygiene habits, such as brushing and flossing regularly, which can last a lifetime. With highly processed foods becoming more and more prevalant, this is more important than ever. Research has also shown that being disciplined and healthy in one area of life carries over to other areas as well.


Kids can smile with confidence

Youngsters with healthy teeth chew food easily, learn to speak clearly, and smile with confidence. Furthermore, oral health is a window to your overall health.

Kids Brushing